Wk2- Classmate conversation- Jared Malabed

This week I got the opportunity to talk to Jared (jaredmalabed.wordpress.com).  Jared is a third year student majoring in engineering. He also works in the rec. center tutoring athletes that are also majoring in engineering. Lucky for him, he only goes to school three days a week. He told me a little bit about some research he recently did with robotics. I found this very interesting because   I find robots very intriguing and I think its great that he got a chance to work with something he is interested in. He did tell me that it was a little difficult working with them, but that can be expected when working with something so complex. When I asked him what emotions the color red brought to him, he said danger. It makes sense that he said this because of the way the color is used; stop sings, “do not enter” signs etc.. Im glad I got the chance to talk to Jared, he is very kind and easy to talk to!



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