Wk4-Art Experience- Art Care Package

043eea17-df13-486d-a4ad-8782c5accf3cI put this package together for  a close friend V, an 18 year old that lives in Long Beach. I had a lot of fun putting this package together. I known V for a very long time, so I knew just what she would like in the package. Her birthday is coming up so I decided to put a little more effort into it.

  • Sending someone a snapchat is similar to sending someone an ACP because pictures are a form of art that are meant to be seen by a person to have an impact on them, just like  anACP.
  • The difference between sending a someone a snapchat and sending an ACP is that snapchats are temporary while ACP’s are long lasting.
  • In my opinion, an ephemera is precious because time can add value to an object. Having something for a long period of time becomes a part of your memory that you don’t want to let go. For example, I have a painting that my aunt made for me when I was in 7th grade and every time I look at it I think about the day she surprised me with it. My love for it only grew more and more over the years because I started to realize more and more that it will always be a great memory to look back at.
  • The only difference between a painting that is seen by many and one that is only seen by one person is the number of people it impacts.  When art is placed in a museum, its obviously going to be seen by more people, so the chances of it having an impact, weather positive, or negative, on a person are higher. When art is only seen by one, it can only impact that person. The amount of people that see see an art piece is not whats important, what is important is that it impacts at least one person in any way.
  • Time and effort defiantly do mean a lot when it comes to art. Although this is not always the case, putting more time and effort into something makes it more valuable because it shows how important it really is to the artist. On the other hand, sending something fast and easy can still be very meaningful and valuable. It all depends on the art itself; what you are sending the person, and how its going to make them feel when they see it, even if it is only for 10 seconds.
  • Love defiantly plays a big role in art. Love is not something that comes quick. Love needs time to play out. It is very difficult to love something that is temporary. 10 seconds is defiantly not enough time for me to find love in something, I may really like it, but I would need more time to be able to love it. An ACP can contain love. Putting an ACP together takes more time and effort, which helps you find love in art.




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