Wk5- Artist Conversation-Katia Swihart

Artist: Katia Swihart

Exhibition: “Father’s Metamorphosis

Media: Mixed Media, comics, drawings and crafts made by kids, objects from her home, fabric

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West Gallery


Katia Swihart is a undergraduate, senior studio art major at CSULB. Katia enjoys making Bas-relief sculptures, expressing her emotions. Most of her work is inspired by her father and what he taught her. She enjoys reading work by intellectual poets and writers. Her work is also based on her personal experiences. She likes to prepare herself before making new art by mediating.

Katia’s work is very intriguing. All her pieces are complex and colorful. Most of her pieces that are painted on canvases have other medias attached to them; for example, she made a  very colorful painting and attached colorful fabric pieces to it. She mostly incorporates distorted metric shapes in her art.  Some of her art pieces are made on objects that can be found at home, like, a mattress, a shirt, and a pillow. She also incorporated objects like, “Cation: wet floor” signs, “women” bathroom sign, and a deep frier basket. Her art has an interesting Staccato feel to it. Her art pieces have a lot going on in them, but she puts them together in a way that isn’t too overwhelming.

All of Katia’s pieces are influenced by her own emotions. She mostly uses her anger and grief when creating new art pieces. A lot of the anger that she lets out on her work is either from her childhood, or her current relationships.  Her pieces are not only inspired by her emotions, but also by her physical appearance, her body. She also expresses her struggle to find her own identity. Her pieces are about her past experiences in the working field, and in her college career. She was mostly trying to explore herself in her work.

I found Katia’s work easy to relate to. I’ve defiantly felt most of the emotions that she expressed in her art. I like the idea of letting her emotions go in her work. I like to practice certain activities to let out all my anger, but I never thought about doing this with art. I was able to relate to her art on a personal level, which is why I was so intrigued by it. I love that she didn’t mind using her own struggles and beliefs to express herself in her art pieces.






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