Wk 8- Art Experience- Finger Painting

Going into this project, I though it would be an easy one. I used to finger paint all the time growing up, and I loved it. I felt like painting with my fingers was a good excuse for my horrible painting skills. I was excited to do this project because I hadn’t finger painted in a while. I originally planned to paint a sunset scenery with trees all around. I started painting for about 20 min when I realized that I didn’t like how my work was turning out. I realized that I felt too overwhelmed with all the paint and threw my painting away. I  then decided to paint something that wasn’t too detailed, but was still interesting. I was inspired by a painting I remembered doing when I was little. Although my painting is very simple, it has a lot of meaning behind it. Overall, I’m happy with the way my painting turned out (:uaSuuKqn


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