Wk 10- Art Experience- Architecture- The USUWedge

Every morning, I walk from the parking lot to my class. The walk is a pretty long walk, but there is only one small part of that daily walk that I never look forward to, the USU Wedge. The Wedge is a very small opening for an intersection. Only one person fits though this opening, which makes it awkward. You either have to speed though it to avoid making others wait, or be the one waiting. Its always awkward when two people try to get across at the same time (something that happens to me too often). It’s very ironic that people constantly complain about this when one could simply walk around the wall, but when you have to walk for 15 minutes to get to class, you want to take as many short cuts as possible. In my new design, I opened a new walk way for one flow of traffic to walk through. To create this walk way, we would have to remove the block of plants on the right side of the wedge. This new walk way wound prevent people from being held up and getting confused. Although my design would get rid of some beautiful plants, it would make the students’ 15 minute walks a little easier.



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