Wk10- Artist conversation- Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: More than a Sandbox 

Media: Ceramics, sand, movie projection, lawn chair, pictures, palm trees

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Brittany Waters is  a senior at CSULB, studying sculptural ceramic art. Waters grew up in Sacramento, a city thats much different from Long Beach. Growing up, Waters spent a lot of time in nature. She enjoyed going out for hikes in forest areas near her home during her free time. She always loved nature and she has always appreciated it. Her natural environment influenced her in her art from the beginning. When she moved down to Long Beach, she realized how different this city is from hers. She was very intrigued by the beautiful beaches, which explains this exhibit.

In Waters’ More than a Sandbox exhibition, we are taken through the very long process of making 100 tiny sea turtles out of clay. Water’s framed up some pictures documenting her process of making these cute turtles. These pictures then lead to her statement. In her statement, Waters gives information about the endangered turtles found around Long Beach. She also talks about why its important for us to keep our beaches clean. We are then lead into the best part of the exhibition, the turtles. Waters laid the turtles on a pile of sand, creating the illusion that they are walking towards the ocean, or the projection of one. She also added a beach chair and a couple of palm trees to the scene.

Waters was mostly inspired to create this exhibition by two things. The first being her love for turtles. When Waters was young, she went to Hawai’i and got the opportunity to go snorkeling. It was her first time going into the ocean and luckily, the first thing she saw was a sea turtle. She fell in love with sea turtles after that trip. The second thing that inspired Waters is her love for nature. She has been very inspired by the beach, especially Long Beach beaches. Living in this city, Waters was exposed to our trashed beaches. She wanted to create something that would motivate others to help keep our beaches clean. Waters’ inspirations created a very beautiful art piece.

I fell in love with Waters’ exhibition when I walked in. Like most people, I find sea turtles very adorable. Waters did a very good job in catching peoples attention. I loved that she used her art to promote environmental issue and spread awareness, all while expressing herself. The way Waters was able to use her art to represent both herself and her surroundings is amazing. IMG_6635IMG_6636IMG_6646IMG_6638IMG_6643IMG_6629


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