Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA
Media: Graphic Design
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Yujia Gu is a masters student at CSULB and is working towards earning a masters in fine arts. Gu was born and raised in China, but came to the United Sates to study. On her free time, Gu likes to go shopping or to museums, and listening to music. Gu’s work was mainly inspired by all the gun violence that occurs in the U.S. She used her art to bring awareness to the issue that very desperately needs to be resolved.

Gu’s exhibition has a geometric feel to it. All of the pieces are straight forward with their purpose. She projected some images on the exhibit walls. One of the best pieces in my opinion was the projection of a map of the United Stated that labeled every city in the United Stated that has had gun violence in the past 72 hours. She also has a piece that shows some of the victims of gun violence. She also has an LED display and a station with headphones that give information on gun violence. The colors in the exhibition are  limited to red, white and black. All of the pieces in this exhibition connect to each other very smoothly.

When Gu was deciding weather she should come to the United States or not, she began to look into the gun violence here. Her mother told her about how often people get killed by guns here. Her mother was very worried to let her come to the United States because of this problem. Gu was very conflicted and began to do a lot of research on this issue. After doing much research, she decided to come to the United States regardless. When working on the exhibit, she was mainly concerned with the children that were killed. She knew that showing children in her exhibit would bring more emotion to her work.

I found Gu’s exhibit very interesting. I was very shocked to see all the victims, I didn’t realize how much of an issue gun violence has been in the United States. I like that Gu used her art to spread awareness about something that has been a problem in the United States for a very long time. This exhibit was very eye opening for me. Im glad I got to see Gu’s art, and I think everyone in the United States should be educated on the gun problem in the United States.


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