Wk13- Artist Converstion- Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvática

Media: Paint on canvas

Gallery: CSULB school of Art, Werby Gallery

Laura Lopez is currently an art student at CSULB and is working toward getting her MFA in Drawing and Painting. Laura was born in Colombia, where she studied architecture. Laura decided to come to the United States 3 years ago. She came here to study art. She has been painting since she was young and always had a love for it. Laura plans on returning to Colombia after she finishes school at CSULB.

Laura’s work is very eye catching. I found the aesthetics of Laura’s work very pleasing. When you walk by her art, you’re first reeled in by the beautiful colors, then the interesting shapes keep your attention. The colors in her paintings are very bright and they all work together greatly.  In some of her paintings, Laura uses colors that contrast each other in hues, and in others, she uses colors that demonstrate affinity in saturation. Her paintings are also full of interesting shapes compliment the many different colors. The pantings have a Staccato feel to it.

Laura was mostly inspired by nature in these paintings. She was inspired by the beautiful nature scenes that she has seen. She incorporated her favorite nature sceneries like, tropical trees and plain land. most of her interaction came from nature, she was also inspired to make it her own creation. Laura believes that humans were made to create their own ideas, which is what she did.

I found Laura’s paintings very beautiful. Laura did a great job at catching the attention  of her audience and keeping it. The colors were my favorite part of her paintings. I think she used the perfect shade of every color. I also loved Laura’s inspiration to create something that was her own, but that still symbolized something in her life that she didn’t create herself. Overall, Laura’s exhibit was amazing.


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