Wk14- Art Activity- Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

I really enjoyed this weeks activity! This activity was defiantly  my favorite. This was my first time going to the Japanese Garden and I loved it. I think that the garden was the perfect location for this activity. I found this activity very helpful because of all the steps. I liked that we had to “warm-up” by doing 30 second drawings. The 30 second drawings helped me get a feel of that I was going to be drawing. I also liked that we slowly moved from earlier drawings to more complicated drawings. I’m defiantly not the best drawer, especially when it comes to drawing nature senses, but I feel like this method made it easier for me to draw. Although I did this in a short period, I saw how my drawing progressed through my drawings. I had great time doing this activity, and I plan on using this technique again in the future.


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