Wk15- Art Activity- Design Thinking Applied to Life `

Thinking about my future is probably the scariest thing that I have to think about. I think  that most people imagine the perfect future for themselves, but I try my best to think about things that could go wrong  too so that I’m mentally prepared if I need to be. When I think about my future, I like to think about what I would want to do, and what I may have to do. If my life works out the way I want it to, I would be a very successful Cinematographer/Editor that makes music videos and occasionally movies. This career would make me rich enough to buy my mom her own house and buy myself a sports car for no reason. If the Film major doesn’t work out for me, I would most likely transfer to a university that focuses on Veterinarian careers. I would become a Veterinarian and open  an affordable Animal Hospital in Long Beach. This career may not make me the richest person around, but I will defiantly make enough money to be stress free. These two perfect futures would only work out if I continue to do good in school and graduate. So what if I give up on school and drop out? If I was to drop out if school, my life would be a complete mess. I would have to continue to work at the candy store, for only 3 days a week, barley making enough money for myself. I wouldn’t make enough money to move out, so I would have to live with my mom until I get a slightly better job, where I would only work 5 days a week. This job would still nit make me enough money. I would pray that my future husband wasn’t as irresponsible as me and that he makes enough money to support a family. This is the life that I’ve had to witness too many times and this is defiantly not the life for me. This is the life that encourages me every day to work hard so that I do get to live the perfect life when I grow up.


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